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Cuisine provençale

Everything starts in the market, an institution in Provence and simply a must-visit! It sets the pace for the week. The Provençal market is a friendly place to meet people, discover new things and delight the senses.

Here you will find the wines of Provence with their warm personality, fruity rosés and heady reds go perfectly with green or mature olive oils, aniseed fougasse or gibassier, cheeses flavoured with thyme or rosemary. Take some fruit preserves, Calissons (sweets) and Bésuquettes (delicious little praline chocolate made to look like the Tarasque) under the olive trees and have a few drops of the delicious and powerful Elixir du Père Gaucher, as described by Alphonse Daudet in Letters from My Windmill. The heady smells of plants and aromatic herbs coming from the market stalls combine with the colours of the fruit and vegetable to create an ever-changing kaleidoscope for the senses.


The southern sing-song accent adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the pleasure of being in a world dedicated to the love of life.

Tarascon’s weekly market is set up under the plane trees of its Cours.

Here you will get to the heart of Provençal gastronomy: its freshness and scents, local produce and the range of products that Provence has to offer.


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