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La pétanque

Pétanque means "avoir les pieds tanqués" or being steady on your feet (feet together behind the line on the ground before throwing the boule).


The game of boules is a great tradition in Provence and goes perfectly with a "Petit Jaune" or Pastis. It is usually played by men but anyone can play pétanque. A hobby that’s fast becoming a sport in this region, free, outdoors…what more could you ask for?


The aim of the game: throw the boules as close as possible to the “jack” or cochonnet (small wooden ball). The winner is the first to reach 13 points.


During the Tarasque festivities and any other celebratory events, pétanque tournaments are organised and take place on the local boules pitch organised by the Association l'Entente Bouliste Tarasconnaise.