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For several years Tarascon has been investing in culture to pursue its policy in putting on quality cultural exhibitions.


Today, the town has two exhibition locations:


Château Royal de Provence

For Château Royal de Provence, one of France’s most beautiful feudal fortresses, this is the chance for people to discover and rediscover a château which is able to change its themes and have completely different environments in order to encourage a mostly novice public to appreciate their surroundings.


Château Royal de Provence stage exhibitions based around three themes

- Medieval heritage

- The imaginary world

- Modern creation



Cloister of the Cordeliers - Espace Tartarin

The Cloister of the Cordeliers, remnant of the Franciscan brothers’ medieval convent, has now become an impressive exhibition hall which welcomes talented artists during the summer.





Espace Tartarin

Created in 2009 in the reception area of the Cloister of the Cordeliers, this area pays homage to the author Alphonse Daudet’s (1840-1897) great character.

This area is completely dedicated to Tartarin and a true recognition of our local hero: here you can see reconstructions of this world famous book’s best known scenes:

Tartarin in his cabinet of curiosities,

Tartarin entertaining the room at Monsieur and Madame Bézuquet’s home,

Tartarin’s library.